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Architects and Engineers

Addresses Client’s needs

  • Construction at lower cost in less time
  • Fewer defect, less maintenance
  • Earlier sales, lower holding costs
  • Solid construction means greater market appeal
  • Better acoustic and thermal performance with improved fire safety

Addresses Designer’s Needs
  • Addresses client’s needs
  • Achieves client satisfaction and repeat business
  • Flexible and adaptable to all forms of construction
  • Reduces risks due to construction delays
  • Reduces risks due to structural performance
  • Reduces risks due to serviceability issues such as cracks, water leaks, water damage and concrete cancer

Reduces Designer’s Liabilities
  • Reduces disputes over cracks, water damage, concrete cancer and workmanship
  • Superior structural performance compared with conventional systems
  • Potential for Architectural dimensional errors reduced by modular system and shop drawings
  • Small module size (from 3 to 18 per lineal metre) achieves economies without compromising architectural expression
  • Simplifies architectural and engineering design
  • Facilitates fast profitable and maintenance free projects

Addresses Society’s Needs
  • Strong, safe, comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing buildings
  • Environmentally sustainable and responsible construction
  • Reduced energy demand during construction and when occupied
  • Safer working conditions